Probleme renouvellement certificat Apache24 Windows

My certificate has expired and I would like to renew it but it cannot be finalized in order

I ran this command:


This is the Let's Encrypt Community. For questions with regard to ZeroSSL, please refer to the support of ZeroSSL.

Hm, confusing:

Perhaps Crypt-LE changed its code in the mean while, I see you're running an older version.. Apparently, it was changed on Jun 14th, where every mention of ZeroSSL was removed. Nevermind the above then.

So far so good! Every challenge has the "valid" state it seems.

Yes please, go ahead!

But why!? Does le64.exe have any more verbose log somewhere? We need to know why the order couldn't be finalized, and as we all know crystal balls don't actual exist, we need to know the actual error message..

Sorry but
I have been looking since this morning but there are no logs with le64.exe

I want to do another procedure but I don't know any for apache24 on windows.

Thanks for your help

It seems there are ways to make le64.exe more verbose or even log it to a file. Please see the documentation on the Crypt-LE GitHub page:

Possibly windows event logs?

If you just run le64, what version does it show?
I get:
ZeroSSL Crypt::LE client v0.35

Also, in your command you don't pass it the --domains parameter, you could try using that (one domain at a time and change the files used - to see which domains pass/fail - here, if too many, you might want to try using the staging environment)

And also, I can't really remember why now but, I always use --handle-as http

@rg305 ^^^   

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The subject is closed

Thanks all

Could you share the reason for the error and the solution with us, for other readers looking for such a solution?

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Just to clarify - the references to ZeroSSL have been removed from the project sources some time ago, and recently updated Windows binaries also reference just Crypt-LE. Hopefully it should make things less confusing. As for the logging, by default messages go to console and can be simply redirected into file (with >). As @Osiris correctly pointed out, specific logging can be easily configured as described on the project page (you can simply take an example from there if you like) - I hope that helps.

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