Is this client up to date for coming changes?

ZeroSSL Crypt::LE client v0.35

I'm updating via command line under Windows Server 2019. The git code shows updates 5 months ago for version 0.36 but that is not listed for Windows portable download, only v0.35 is there. Will I be okay for next year, or do I need to look at another client?


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@griffin It's quite confusing, I thought the same thing some moments ago, but the Crypt-LE client doesn't seem to be related to ZeroSSL. Since version 0.36 the mention of ZeroSSL has been removed. See my post in the link for more info.

@mushu 0.36 hasn't been released yet, while the two branches on GitHub have quite recent commits (mostly the development branch). So the client isn't "dead" or something like that, just hasn't released a recent release recently. Perhaps you could ask the author directly? In any case, I think you're safe to keep using 0.35. Many users use ancient versions of certbot b/c Ubuntu or Debian repositories aren't updated. Should be fine.



Thanks for letting me know that. I suppose the LE part should have tipped me off.

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I think it was related to the time when ZeroSSL was just a webbased ACME client before it was bought by apilayer. Perhaps the developer of Crypt-LE was also part of the ZeroSSL ACME client dev-team? I dunno..


Yes, both the original ZeroSSL and Crypt-LE were developed by @leader.

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Ah, I guess Crypt-LE wasn't part of the soul-selling.

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I guess not too.

Hi @mushu,

The last update was last week actually (support for those "alternative" certificates you can pull now along with the "default" cert). It's on the beta branch and to be merged to master soon, after which it will go to CPAN and will be updated for Windows binaries and Docker. There is also support for ACME EAB in the works - actually it is working, though I'm yet to find time to talk to the current ZeroSSL support to understand the specifics of the implementation for some edge cases for example :slight_smile:

So the client is getting updated and there are no plans of stopping doing so. I hope that helps. Thanks.

NB: Also @Osiris is correct - Crypt-LE client was and is a separate project with a completely different codebase from the one that was used for the web-based client and the site (I believe I mentioned that in the announcement related to ZeroSSL being acquired at the time).


Thank you @leader, appreciate the clarification. I try to stay up on these things but technology changes daily and I fall behind in my email and web browsing. I'm the only one in my agency that does the public websites and I run le64.exe via batch files to update all of my certs, and I don't want it to when I'm on vacation!

Is there a way anyone could link those corporate buy-out announcements so I can read up on them please?

Thank you!

Not sure about others, but mine was in the Client Dev section - ZeroSSL announcement

Thanks for that, interesting threads...

So, just to be sure, I can still use the pl64.exe portable Windows binary and it will work the same way as it always has, and I won't need to change the challenge directory per "./well-known/acme-challenge to ./well-known/pki-validation" as I was reading about?

@mushu The only things changed for the client you're using is that references to ZeroSSL are removed. It is still using Let's Encrypt, so no change in challenge directory.


@mushu, it should be still fine - the client works with Let's Encrypt, Bypass and custom providers (which you can specify via parameters) as long as they are ACME-compatible basically :slight_smile:


Just a quick note - the "Beta" branch has been merged to master today and Windows binaries have been updated. There are no references to ZeroSSL in the source and Windows binaries details, so hopefully it should make it less confusing. Now it just says "Crypt-LE" :slight_smile:


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