New maintainer for simp_le


Seems like user zenhack on Github stepped up to maintain simp_le in the face of breaking changes:

So it came time today to update my certs, and I banged into this. I've applied #112 and #114 to master on my fork. Right now keeping this tool basically working is the easiest solution for my systems, so I'm happy to maintain it there for the time being. I'll try to be responsive to prs and breaking issues like this, at the very least.

Source: Deserialization error: Wrong directory fields · Issue #118 · kuba/simp_le · GitHub

This is mostly a head up to anyone currently using simp_le, but I am also curious to know if anyone would be updating the list of ACME Client Implementations with a link to the (for the time being) supported fork.


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OK, turns out that would be me updating the link, if this PR gets merged: Update link to simp_le by amiryal · Pull Request #108 · letsencrypt/website · GitHub


It’s merged :slight_smile: Thanks for doing the update.

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