Crypt::LE update

Crypt::LE has been updated last month, to ensure that for the current users async finalization, which was planned to be rolled out by Let's Encrypt (but seemingly did not go to production), does not cause any issues.

Along with the asynchronous order finalization support (respecting server-indicated retry intervals), EAB (External Account Binding) support has been also added (via eab-kid and eab-hmac-key parameters).

Additionally, direct support of known ACME-compatible CAs has been implemented, so it is easier now to just point to,,,, or via the ca parameter (even though directory parameter can be still used).

Crypt::LE remains to be an uncomplicated command-line utility (even though can be extended with plugins), available in the form of Perl code (also available on CPAN), Win32 and Win64 binaries, and the Docker image.

If someone manages to test Crypt::LE with or CA specifically, I would appreciate the feedback regarding how that worked. Thanks.


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