[ ZeroSSL ] Crypt::LE ACME v2 support

Crypt::LE should now support API v2 (transparently, by selecting the version automatically unless explicitly specified). It has been pushed to GitHub but it’s not on CPAN yet. The code is API v1 compatible and non-breaking in terms of the existing flow, so no changes should be required for the scripts using the library. For those willing to try the wildcards with the provided client script, the command would be similar to the one below:

le.pl --key account.key --email "my@email.address" --csr domain.csr --csr-key domain.key --crt domain.crt --domains "*.domain.ext" --generate-missing --handle-as dns --api 2

If that works well, the changes will be coming to CPAN soon, hopefully in time for the APIv2 and wildcard support deployed to the live API endpoint :slight_smile: As usual, the changes then will be propagated to Windows binaries, Docker image and at some point to an Online SSL Certificate Wizard (might take a bit of time, but it will be there).

NB: It appears that v2 and v1 of the staging environment might be sharing the verification results - not sure if they are supposed to (especially if dealing with wildcards).


Hmm. Can you open a Boulder issue with logs showing this behaviour? It shouldn’t be happening but there may be a bug.

Will give it a go and raise a ticket if reproduced again.

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Thanks @leader! I appreciate it.

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