It's 2018. Where are mah wildcards bro?

So it’s 2018, and I can’t seem to request a wildcard certificate. I’ve done a sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get upgrade -y but it seems that there is nothing :frowning:

Maybe it’s because I’m living in the future? It sucks that there isn’t a specific date for the update release - just a mere ‘January 2018’.

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There’s some more specific information as of December 7.


Oops. I must be blind.

So I just have to wait until January 4th. I’ll be counting down the days…

By the way, thank you.

Indeed you will have to wait till 27th February.

“a public test API endpoint up by January 4”

Does this not mean that I can start using it by January 4th?

It means there will be a staging server for the ACME v2 protocol.

You will only be able to issue certificates for a staging CA, which is not trusted by browsers.

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Thanks for clearing that up, though.

interesting title and attitudes

Dun, dun, dunnnnnn.

Whoopidy dooo.

let the testing begin…

well soon :slight_smile:


Should be fun. Can’t wait for the official release!

already get staging wildcard cert for:


deploy on:


Looking delicious there.

Hi @fengjiajie,

I can confirm you’re officially the first external user to issue a wildcard certificate from the V2 staging API :tada::lock::tada:

Out of curiosity, which ACME client did you use for this? Did you add your verification TXTs by hand?


So excited to know that.:crazy_face::crazy_face::crazy_face:

I used acme4j which mentioned in Staging endpoint for ACME v2.

It is very very cool, thank you LE team. I refreshed github boulder API V2 project every few hours.


Yes, I add TXTs by hand.

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