Wildcard SSL Support

We’ve been waiting for Jan 2018 for a while. We have a wordpress multisite which needs to be secured for all it’s dynamic subdomains.

According to this article it seems that we need to wait until February. I am unclear on the Acme v2 that is available now. I run a cpanel with lets encrypt installed, are wildcard subdomains supported in this environment?

SSL for *.domain.com

The ACME v2 staging endpoint issues testing certificates that aren’t trusted by browsers.

It does issue wildcards already, but you can’t use them for much of anything. Just testing Let’s Encrypt and your ACME client setup.

The live v2 API is officially due at the end of February 2018. The test one (which only issues test certs) is literally still being tested and debugged. While the concepts are all similar some of the workflow and requirements have changed enough that in some cases it’s worth re-writing the client library that talks to LE rather than extending it to support v2.

After the live API is available all old clients (including wordpress plugins that do let’s encrypt) will need updated/rewritten as required. Realistically it will be several months after the API goes live before most existing clients will be upgraded (some of them never).

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