I want to Set Wildcart SSL in my domain? Help me how to set

My domain is: www.ezonecloud.com
I am using subdomain through this domain, subdomains are running.
It runs on : Windows Server 2012 R2 Standard
Other Details: I am planning to set lets’encrypt Wild card SSL, what to do from my site, I have to take any confirmation for lets encrypt or not.

Hi @nepal2global,

Wildcard certificates are not yet available from Let’s Encrypt and are now not scheduled to be available until February 27.

We introduced a public test API endpoint for the ACME v2 protocol and wildcard support on January 4, 2018. ACME v2 and wildcard support will be fully available on February 27, 2018.

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Hi Schoen,

Thanks for the information, what can i do for now? I have to set ssl for our domain. Can I set each sub domain wise ssl till Feb 27, 2018 than after will upgrade in wildcard.


Yes, you can request a certificate from Let’s Encrypt containing up to 100 domains/subdomains. The only slight caveat being that the server requesting the certificate will need to be able to satisfy the challenge for all names listed on the certificate.

Hi Jared.m,

Thanks for the information.


In the interest of self promotion, you can try out our Certify SSL Manager app: https://certifytheweb.com - wildcard domain support is coming, but as we all know requesting a certificate and applying it everywhere are two different tasks :slight_smile:

What DNS provider do you use for your domains? That’s going to be a big variable in whether wildcard domain validation will work (basically whether they have a well supported API or not).

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