ACMEv2 and Certificate Websites

When will it be available on In-Browser Certificate Generators?

The author of plans to add support in a couple weeks:

@leader said it would be coming to soon too:

Please follow these issues for the latest.


Just wanted to confirm that ZeroSSL should be getting wildcards support in the SSL Certificate Wizard soon enough, now that downloadable client versions have been updated :slight_smile:

However, it seems that even if the code gets released now, it will break on 29th of March, when the API change described as “breaking” is going to be deployed. The change introduces a requirement on the POST requests to have a specific Content-Type. Setting that type from within a browser would require the server to “confirm” in the response to a pre-flight request that it is allowed (via Access-Control-Allow-Headers). It does not seem that ACME v2 staging endpoint is configured to respond with that.

Not sure if that is a bug or that header will be coming to the staging environment “in one go” with the content-type change, but it would be nice to deploy the header some time in advance (and in all environments maybe) - so there would be no need to rush with altering clients too close to that deployment date.

Perhaps @cpu knows more about this?


Hi @leader, congrats on getting ZeroSSL to support ACMEv2 :slight_smile:

The missing Access-Control-Allow-Headers exception for Content-Type was raised in ACMEv2: POST "new-acct" and all other POST endpoints CORS Access-Control-Allow-Headers necessary for Content-Type of "application/jose+json" · Issue #3554 · letsencrypt/boulder · GitHub and fixed in Boulder master. This commit will be included in tomorrow's staging update and should be in production two days after that.

That should leave a full week to ensure there won't be any problems ahead of the March 29th change. We can of course revisit that date if unexpected problems crop up.



Brilliant, good to know, thanks :+1:

you can the site:

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