ZeroSSL Crypt::LE Windows client errorlevels?

Using: ZeroSSL Crypt::LE client v0.33 on Windows Server 2019

Where can I find the default errorlevel codes (Windows) for the LE64.exe execuatable please? The ZeroSSL website doesn’t appear to have a list of them. I know I can specify the code for when it is time to renew, but when the batch file is set to launch weekly via Task Scheduler and it is not yet time to renew, it seems that the executable is issuing an “error” errorlevel return value. What is that value please? Thanks!

There may be something wrong in your command line.
I think it should always return properly (without error).
I would try the command at a DOS prompt and verify its’ correctness.

I do agree that having the error codes would speed things along - but I don’t know them :frowning:

There’s a tidbit in the README ( that seems relevant.

Based on that, you should be able to run your scheduled task with --debug, identify what the error code is, and then use a configuration file to map that error code to a specific exit code.

It doesn’t seem like the codes are documented, though. You can browse through the script itself and search through all the instances of >{'error'}->, I guess.

Well, couldn’t find any specific error codes int he code except for “255” but noticed that when it is run and not yet time to renew it returns an errorlevel of “1” so I’ve updated my batch file accordingly. Thanks for a nod in the right direction.

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