Please add more errorlevel return codes to le64.exe

@leader I’d like a return code for when le64.exe tries to renew and doesn’t because it’s too early please!

And, any other code branches like that. My batch files are getting rather complex…

Try using only zeros and ones
That should simplify things

But seriously, yes, more codes are better - easier to understand and take more specific reactions.

I could probably do something better and allow you to redefine all the error codes to your liking :slight_smile:

This would also ensure backward compatibility, so introduced error codes will not break the process accidentally for someone who might have used an issue-code with a value assigned to a specific error (however slim that chance is). I will test it this weekend.


This is a bit experimental, but in v0.29 you should now be able to re-define exit codes via a config file as described at

Any questions - let me know :slight_smile:

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