I apologize if this is not the correct contact point for my issue.

My website is : www.flyoverthecity.com

Apparently our SSL cert has expired and our site is giving a cautionary message. I need to fix this issue asap for the sake of the operation.

I have reached out to my developers who had originally acquired the certificate. I haven’t heard back from them yet. Is there a way for me to renew my certificate ?

Thank you,
Greg Letarte

Looks like the problem has been fixed? When I visit this site I see a certificate issued today, so probably by your developers?

Yes the developers did renew the certificate.

Thank you!

Good news. For future reference it can be tricky to advise someone how to do a renewal if they’re not already intimately familiar with the server setup. I recommend looking into services that monitor your web server and give early warning, days in advance of a certificate expiring. Even some free services of this sort exist, and they’d mean you had a few days to get the usual people on the problem.

Hi @Fotc, please have a look at our monitoring service https://keychest.net - free planning tool with weekly status updates so you can renew in a bit more orderly fashion. It can automatically discover and monitor new servers in your "Active Domain".

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