SSL Certificate renewal timeout

Hello gentlemen,

I requested too many certificates, which is solemnly my fault.
In it is mentioned that I would be able to request new ones on September 27th.

The main problem is again coming from my stupidity - I did not back up the certs.

Is it somehow possible to issue new certificates earlier than the mentioned date?
I stumbled upon a thread here mentioning that there are some kind of "premium certs".

Any information would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you,
Kind regards.

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I would be interested in a link to that notion, because such a thing does not exist, not from Let's Encrypt at least: all certs are the same and all certs are free, as in, free beer.

Also, you have issued 5 certificates for which has triggered the " Duplicate Certificate limit of 5 per week". Earlier, you requested and got issued a (single) cert for the base domain as wel as the www subdomain. I would strongly recommend to get a cert with both those hostnames, as otherwise your www subdomain wouldn't work.


I apologize for the misleading sentence:
I noticed a guy mentioning premium certificates. I will look up the thread.

Thank you for the provided information!


Argh, I had too many opened tabs, can't really find the thread now.
Either way, I think this one can be closed, thank you Osiris, take care.


There was a user with a reply, now splitted in a new topic.

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