Purchase premium SSL certificate

can anyone please replay me how to purchase premium SSL certificate as I am using free version, through Cloudflare on my website of Spotify. can someone guide me how can I transfer a website from free to premium SSL

Hi @gabrel

there is no "premium SSL certificate" you can buy.

Letsencrypt certificates are free.

But there are some rate limits.

Just curious, but what's your definition of a "premium certificate" @gabrel?

By default, Cloudflare "bundles" up to 100 customer domains into their free SSL Certificates; so one customer's domain will likely be on a certificate alongside other customers' domains.

Cloudflare then upsells the following premium services, per domain:

  • $5/month - Only your domain is on the SSL Certificate (isolated from other customers)
  • $10/month - You can add additional hostnames to the SSL Certificate
  • $200/month - You can upload your own SSL Certificate (e.g. LetsEncrypt, etc)

Whatever your definition of Premium SSL is, if you use Cloudflare your only options are:

  • Purchase the SSL Certificate from Cloudflare
  • Upgrade each domain to a Business Account.

What does this mean?

Well, you say "your only options are", but technically there's nothing wrong with the free Cloudflare certificate?

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Ah, thanks @jvanasco - good to know.

So @gabrel : Ask Cloudflare, that's not a Letsencrypt question.

Or you could just not use Cloudflare for anything but DNS...


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