Can i use cloudflare and letsencrypt?

Hello guys i am krish and i want to know whether its okay to use both cloudflare free ssl and letsencrypt.

I am using namecheap hosting and they do not support lets encrypt so i used cloudflare free ssl.

I am using wordpress so this is how i got free cloudflare SSL

Installed cloudflare ssl plugin and really simple ssl

Created a page rule “always use HTTPS”

Now i want to install lets encrypt ssl on my server but its not supported by name cheap.

so i want to go to and want to install my ssl certificate manually.

But what i want to know is is it okay if we use both?
After installing letsencrypt ssl should i need to force Full SSL strict in cloudflare?

Can any one point me in the right direction?


Let’s Encrypt will work fine for that purpose. You would not need to enable Full SSL (strict) but you would be able to, and this would improve the security of your site. This applies whether you use a certificate from Let’s Encrypt or CloudFlare’s Origin CA (mentioned later).

However, you should be aware that Let’s Encrypt certificates expire every three months, and you have to go to to get a new one. If you forget, your site could be inaccessible until you do. For that reason, most of us prefer to use web hosts that support Let’s Encrypt natively or give us the ability to install software on our servers that renews our certificates automatically.

If you are using CloudFlare and a web host that does not support Let’s Encrypt or root access, you will be much happier using CloudFlare’s Origin CA instead:


Thank you Patches.I will do that and will update it here.

Which one is the best? Letsencrypt for 90 days or CloudFlare Origin CA ?

If you don’t know of a reason to prefer the Let’s Encrypt certificate, the CloudFlare Origin CA is preferable for this purpose. Note that if you ever stop using CloudFlare, you will then have to obtain a different certificate at that time.

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