Difference between Cloudflare SSL and Lets Encrypt?

Which is better? Cloudflare SSL or Lets Encrypt? What is the difference?

With LetsEncrypt, I think, we need to update the system every time a new version is released. Also, we will have to migrate to a version of Linux OS once it's EOL is arrived.

With Cloudflare, I think, we don't need to change anything at all once we install the SSL certificate. So, I think, Cloudflare SSL works better.

Am I right?

Please correct me.



In some case Cloudflare SSL also uses Let's Encrypt. The difference is that Cloudflare is terminating the SSL communication for you. You can still have ssl on your server (and it's recommended) but you don't strictly need to in order to make it work. You can also choose to use an "origin certificate" provided by cloudflare which works to at least encrypt the communication between cloudflare and your host.

You don't really need to update your acme client software (certbot etc) for every relase but keeping the software on your server generally up to date is usually a good idea.


Thanks for your reply.

I want SSL connection only as it is a requirement for to work with 'Google Drive'. In that case, I need only to use 'CloudFlare SSL' ?



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