Certificate expired error

Hello all,
I am receiving certificate expired error when accessing https:\ellisaircraft.com
What is the process for renewal? Money?
Unable to recall the steps I used to secure my site. Thanks in advance!

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The renewal is done the same way you got your original. If you don't recall you'll need to start over. This is good topic to start with: Getting Started with Let's Encrypt

You might also refer to your prior 87 post thread about getting cert for FileCloud


If your method of getting a certificate cannot be automated, please document the method of getting a certificate properly.


You were absolutely correct. Three months later and certificate has expired.

When I try to renew it says something about port 80 not reachable

Certbot --standalone requires exclusive use of port 80

The error says something is already using it. You must stop whatever that is and retry Certbot --standalone

There was mention of Apache in your prior thread so try stopping that first


...or better yet, figure out how to get the cert without --standalone, because that will always conflict with a running web server--which is almost certainly why the scheduled renewal didn't work.


Thanks for the responses.
Can you help me with setting up Certbot with out --standalone?

stopping Apache did in-fact allow Certbot to renew

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I restarted Apache and it looks like certificate expired message still present. What am I doing wrong. I have a daughter in networking school. She's clueless and acknowledges Dad is better at a command prompt than she. Still though it was working perfectly. That is until the certificate expired.
Someone in my first thread called it too. I believe it was Osiris who called it that I would be back on my knees.... LOL

In your previous thread you showed a panel you used to update your certs. Frankly, it was hard to follow everything you did in that very long thread. But, have you reviewed that thread to see what you did?

Start at this post (#50) and be sure to read several of the posts right after it too. Newbie needs help getting Filecloud with SSL running - #50 by beech2000


Looking back at thread... was hard for me to follow too. I see I got really drunk after that on St. Patty's day. Thanks for everything. Thinking now to just to fall back unencrypted as we rely so much on the data on the road and nothing on the server that needs locked down. I'll be patient or hire someone

Wondering if Google drive can be hosted locally. Were a tiny company needing remote access to files on a local server. File Cloud not proving to be the answer. I say that due to no support. I'm sure if want to spend $2000 dollars on their interface I might get support but not for the donation fee.

Looks like renewal will be every three months.
step 1 stop Apache
step 2 renew Certbot using cmd prompt with admin rights
step 3 point to the newest pem files using the file cloud control panel
step 4 restart Apache
And.....Walla..... I'm good for three months

Can't you use the --webroot plugin with Apache on Windows? Should work.. That way you don't have to stop Apache.


Not sure. Can I? if so then Certbot should auto renew?

Reading through this material now


It's also possible to use the standalone plugin to auto-renew by stopping and restarting Apache using pre- and post-hooks. See User Guide — Certbot 2.6.0 documentation for more information about the --pre-hook and --post-hook. Note that most users (including me) here on this Community don't have much experience with Windows, so you might be on your own figuring this out.

But I highly recommend trying the --webroot plugin. See User Guide — Certbot 2.6.0 documentation for more information about that authenticator plugin.

Note that the above only covers steps 1 and 2 of your own mentioned steps. Step 3 (and with that also step 4) are outside the influence of Certbot.


Spend the time to automate it and... Voila... You're good indefinitely - LOL


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