Wrong expiration date in email


I received an email about the Let’s Encrypt certificate expiration date on june 21 2018.

According to my domainhost it wil just expire on July 31 2018 at 16:20

Must I do something?


What is your domain? Which certificate was it?

As the email explains, it probably concerns a different certificate that you may no longer be using. In that case, there’s nothing to worry about, and you can ignore the emails.


Thanks for the quick answer.
The domain is: rubyverboomreizen.nl and www.rubyverboomreizen.nl

Certificatetype is SHA256 I think?

It’s my first certificate on this domain.

Kind regards
Anne Verboom



Originally, the site used certificates for "rubyverboomreizen.nl and www.rubyverboomreizen.nl".

On May 2, a certificate was issued for "rubyverboomreizen.nl, mail.rubyverboomreizen.nl and www.rubyverboomreizen.nl", expiring July 31.

The previous two-name certificate is indeed expiring June 21.

Since https://rubyverboomreizen.nl/ and https://www.rubyverboomreizen.nl/ appear to be using the newest, three-name certificate, unless the expiring certificate is being used for something else, it seems it’s no longer being used, and you can ignore the emails.


I noticed the same:


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