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I would like to have filled in the help form but the form itself doesn't fit align with the help that I need.

I have a domain name, however but the website for that domain is hosted on Wordpress server.

I have a private server that we use for development. The domain name does not point to this server, however it is this server on which I would like to use LetsEncrypt. I can access this server via reverse DNS.

This website states that LetsEncrypt can be used without a domain name. I guess they are talking about a different process than that which uses certbot. Also I have not seen anything yet on the LetsEncrypt website about this process of supplying them with a CSR.

Can I use LetsEncrypt with the reverse DNS and without the domain. ?
If not, how can I submit a CSR to LetsEncrypt ?

Any help will be appreciated

Welcome to the Let's Encrypt Community, @Rochus.

No. It states that you must have a domain to use Let's Encrypt.

If you don’t have a domain name yet, you can’t get a certificate from LetsEncrypt.


Get a domain.


It does say you can use it without a domain, but given your answer I guess it is either unclear or incorrect

Thanks @linkp


I just read that article. That person has no idea what he is talking about and you should pay it no attention.


Then you only need to use it.
I mean, learn how to use it.
One domain can have many "sub" domains, like:

And each name can point to a unique IP.

So, all you really need is a unique name pointing to your unique IP.


Thanks @rg305 . Fair point

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But right above that, it concludes you can't. So within 2 lines the article contradicts itself. That would be a dead giveaway that the article shouldn't be trusted. Unfortunately there are a lot of bogus articles out there regarding Let's Encrypt. Some simply shouting a lot of nonesense, some actually sort of working, but not the correct way and a minority which are actually good.


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