Windows 7 ssl problem

Problem open ssl sites in windows 7
Is say don’t have private

Pls solve this ASAP

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I'm not sure what browser this is, but it looks vaguely like chrome. See this


Yes is in chrome on windows7
Have problem a lot of sites

In Firefox + chrome in windows 10 is ok .

Need know how to solve this
If not I’m need change ssl certification to other company .
Do you know how to solve this ?

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If can please write step by step how can fix this for many peoples don’t professional

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Read this:

Download the root certs mentioned in the post

Run mmc

install the certificate addin in mmc, choose local machine

install the 2 root certs in trusted root cert authorities

Note that this is done in the windows 7 client. If you are the admin of the webserver that is affected then post the URL of the website and we can take a look at it.


I thought Windows 7 is End of Life and no longer officially by Microsoft, and thereby most of the rest of the communities as well. :question:


Here is my general guidance for Windows 7 from Let's Encrypt DST Root CA X3 expiry Sept 30th 2021 | Certify The Web Docs

For Windows 7 (without outdated trust store) you should urgently replace the machine operating system with Windows 10 or higher. If this is not possible, manually install by browsing to in order to download the .cer file for ISRG Root X1, open file, click "Install Certificate..", Choose default option "automatically select..", Next, Finish. The ISRG Root X1 certificate will now be visible using certmgr.msc under Trusted Root Certification Authorities. Reboot machine.


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