Win-acme How to get certificate using CSR

Hi - I got windows server and tried client win-acme, the certificate generated however the certificate fails in importing into keystore file, gives error " certificate reply does not contain public key".

Now I’m looking for help how to request LE certificate using my CSR. Its possible on linux machine using certbot, however no way found with windows clients. Please suggest any possible option. My application is java based and allowed SSL only though internal keystore based configuration.

Thanks in advance.

Hi @chouhan02

what's your domain name? Sounds like you have created a certificate, but it's only an import problem.

There is a tool "keytool" that has a lot of options.

Search this forum, you find a lot of samples (Tomcat uses that tool).

Hi - The certificated with win-acme directly it verified domain and done. However I need a way to create certificate using the CSR file created using keytool.

The application I’m trying to run refers to its own keystore file and certificate.

OK, got a workaround to make it work. Basically I had to use certificate PEM files convert to PFX and then create keystore file using PFX which can directly be passed to tomcat. Reference URL

Thanks @JuergenAuer for response. Still I believe the old technique of requesting certificate using CSR should be implemented for windows client same as certbot allows.

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