Dynu.net + Windows 10 + Calibre Server

I am trying to install a certificate for Windows 10 with Calibre for my dynu.net domain.
I am a bit confused on what to do …
I installed WINACME and can run it. But I am not able to output the private key to load into Calibre. Through the process, I am only able to generate and load the private key directly on Windows IIS services. But I am not able to export the private key from there since the key is marked to not export.
Would anybody be able to shed some light?

By default, it appears that win-acme sends certificates to the Windows Certificate store. But you want to do a file-based export.

So I suspect you probably want to use --store pemfiles, as documented on the project wiki: https://github.com/PKISharp/win-acme/wiki/Store-plugins#user-content-pemfiles

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I was able to find the certificates under c:\appdata…
There is prem and pfx files. I assume one is the cert and the other is the private key

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