How to generate certificate from CSR - windows, standalone?

My site is hosted in a shared windows hosting environment. Their web based control panel allows me to install a certificate on my own only if i use a CSR generated from there. I found some ACME clients for windows, but could not figure out a way to generate a letsencrypt certificate using my CSR in a standalone environment (they seem to generate their own after the challenge acceptance stages). Has anybody done this successfully?

My client lets you use your own CSR.

Will it work in a windows environment?

try this one

Yup had tried this already and it didn’t work for me. I was successful upto the acme challenge part and “Update-ACMEIdentifier dns1” gave valid status. But after that the next step ie “New-ACMECertificate dns1 -Alias cert1” and supplying it with pem encoded private key and pem encoded csr file didnt work - threw access denied exception every time (seemed from desc that it was trying to find a .key file in the vault) - I was logged in as my machine’s administrator. Checked the vault folders and didnt find any such file there either.

I don’t see why it wouldn’t.

My client can work with cygwin on Windows:

Well the hosting company agreed to install a certificate for me without having to use their CSR. So I used an client from github and sent it to them.

Thanks @veeti and @NeilPang for letting me know about ur clients. I might use them in the next renewal. Veeti i did install urs and it seems to work well, although i didnt go all the way after I got an ok from hosting company