Will the Testflume service disruption prevent me from getting certificates? #2

how to overcome the "service disruption" of Testflume CT Log Service?

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Hi there,

Testflume is a separate (and testing only) service, so its unavailability won’t keep you from requesting and getting certificates.


@JamesLE We've seen very much confusion about the Testflume incident notification on https://letsencrypt.status.io/.. Is there a way to make it less obtrusive? As it's not that important of a notification..

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and how do i request and obtain ssl cerificate?

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Please see the documentation for the answer to those questions:

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It's becoming a trend...

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how to obtain SSL certificate???

@ahmed3 It's all there in the documentation. Please read the "How Let's Encrypt Works" and "Getting Started" pages to begin with (the other documentation pages are a good read too).

If you have a specific question, please open a new thread in the #help section where you will be presented by a questionnaire which you are required to answer to the best of your knowledge.


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