Will LetsEncrypt drop support for Centos 8 in the future?

I have installed LetsEncrypt on CentOs 8. It is working fine.

My question is, will I need to update the OS in the future? Or, it will run forever in Centos 8?


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CentOS Linux 8 is already End of Life, so I wouldn't count on "forever".

CentOS Stream 8 is due to end somewhere in 2024, so I'm guessing that's going to be supported for a while.

Note that only the Apache plugin requires specific OS-dependend overrides, Certbot itself not. So it should work regardless of the OS, especially when installed using snap.


Let's Encrypt offers an ACME server and certificate issuance requests are made by an ACME client. It will depend on your client for how long it will work on your OS and how long the client will receive updates so it continues to work on your OS (including adding support for any new Let's Encrypt features).

Separately, Let's Encrypt may issue and distribute new roots and intermediates in the future which are not guaranteed to be distributed to older OS versions-- that depends on the OS and application maintainers releasing backports. If your OS does not get an updated root store, then some certificate related tasks may not be able to build a valid chain and there will be problems (in addition to any others related to running an out of date OS).


I guess I was half asleep 12 hours ago when I made my post.. I thought OP was talking about Certbot :roll_eyes: Now I see there is no mentioning of "Certbot" at all. :astonished:
Maybe @cvazeem could clarify.


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