Will a letsencrypt ssl cert fix access to my server from wifi hotspot?


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My domain is:
I ran this command:
It produced this output:
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apache 2.4.25
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debian stretch
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I have a personal web server I use to access, among other things, email. I have been using a self signed certificate for years, but I’m thinking about changing that, because I’ve been having trouble getting to my web server when I’m using a wifi hotsopt, for example. In particular, I can’t check my email when I’m at the hospital because the 4g lte signal is weak and when I use their hotspot, they seem to have some security software that blocks access to all but my web server’s home page. When I try, I get an error page (I need to capture the details) that suggests I google the terms: UserCheck Portal Main, and even include a link for that purpose:
The first link takes me to this web page:
which might help the hospita’s IT staff, but doesn’t help me.

Is anyone familiar with checkpoint.com?

Will a trusted ssl certificate allow me to access my web server when I need to use a hotspot protected by something like software from checkpoint.com?


Hi @faginbagin

it’s impossible to answer that question. The admins of checkpoint.com may know the answer.

So create a certificate, install it. Then check it again.


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