Where to find a step by step generate a ssl certificate


I’m an beginner on certificates.
I have got a message from Let’s Encrypt Expiry Bot that my certificate is going to expire.
I don’t know how to take the right actions.
Where can I find a step by step guide to generate a new certificate?


Hi @redfox,

It depends on how your previous certificate was generated. Do you know how that happened?

Hello Schoen,

Thanks for your reply.
I have a website for someone on my Synology NAS.
Synology offers the possibility to use .FamilyDS.org as a hostname.
The installation is done by someone else who I can’t ask anymore how he did it.
Under Security I find an certificate for that website:

= exampleweb
= abcde001


Issued by: Let’s Encrypt Authority X3
Subject Alternative name: exampleweb.FamilyDS.org
For : WebDAV Server, Directory Server, Cloud Station Server, Hyper Backup Vault,
Log Receiving, FTPS, System Default, abcde001,

Here I’m using exampleweb and abcde001 to explain.

Is this enough information for you?



The Synology software typically renews certificates from Let’s Encrypt on its own. Unfortunately their control panel is not clear about whether this process is enabled or not for a particular certificate. It’s possible the person who set up your machine used a different method and it would be difficult for us to tell.

The expiry date of your certificate should be listed to the right of the domain name on the certificates screen you provided information from in your post. Please double-check that it is really less than 30 days away. It’s possible that the automatic renewal process is working but was delayed due to some malfunction, and the certificate was renewed after you received the e-mail. You may not have to do anything.

Otherwise, it would be best to ask the Synology forums for assistance in identifying whether your certificate is set up for automatic renewal and why it may not be functioning:


Hello Hoolingsworth,

Thanks for your reaction.
The first notice I got from Let’s Encrypt says an expiration date of 17-11-2017.
When I look in my Synology certificate it says 27-01-2018 so I think my certificate has already been updated.
I assume your right about the automatically update of the certificates.
I will keep an eye on it.

Thanks again for all the answers!



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