Creating lets encrypt certificate

Hello ladys , gentleman,and patrons Im having an issue getting a lets encrypt certificate generated

My conncerned infor mation for the domain name I want to enable is

Hosting provider is QTH.COM

The OS is
synology SRM 1.2.5-8227

I have been trying to trouble shoot engineers from forums said that the certificate can not be generated because the txt record to be created before issueing an certificate for the domain Im confused where is this txt created and How can I manipulate the txt so that I can create the certificate please review that information and leave your input so that I can soon complete the generation of certificate.


Rain dancer

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This sounds like something more suited for the Synology support/forum.
If you haven't already opened a ticket with them, I would do so.
One, or both, will eventually have the answer you seek.
If it happens not to be here, please post your solution here for others that might come looking for such help here.
Thanks :slight_smile:


You created a Let's Encrypt cert on Mar15 just 3 weeks ago.

It is early to be trying to renew it. Can't you just repeat what you did then?


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