What shared hosting to use with Letsencrypt?

Hi Letencrypt team.

You are doing a good job!

I saw the list of hosting https://github.com/certbot/certbot/wiki/Web-Hosting-Supporting-LE and have tried a few but all had similar issues:

a2hosting offers letsencrypt only for VPS.
hostgator charge 40USD per year for letsencrypt

Basically, I am looking for small shared hosting and I want to use Letscencrypt for reasonable price.


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I would say none. There are no actual benefits compared to VPS, apart from shared hosting usually being sort of “managed” (though I’m sure you can find VPS with “managed” service for a little extra).

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Dreamhost’s web hosting has a one click Let’s Encrypt feature. No extra charge, no complicated rules. Very easy, but I don’t know if you consider Dreamhost’s prices reasonable.


Hostm.com claims to offer Let’s Encrypt and it appears they only offer shared hosting. I haven’t contacted them directly yet to verify. I came here to find exactly the same answer. I fear HostM is simply a shared certificate which will have inherent problems like browser security alerts, the same problem I’ve encountered using my current host shared certificate.

I’m not sure what you mean by a “shared certificate” but the description hostm.com has on their website sounds exactly like any Let’s Encrypt setup you would make yourself and shouldn’t cause any browser warnings.

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I just wanted to clarify, at A2Hosting we are working on bringing LetsEncrypt to all of our services in the near future.

Before the GUI is made available in cPanel, our support team would be happy to help you manually install a LetsEncrypt certificate without any additional charge.

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Alex, I did using external a service to generate the certificates and manually install it on CPANEL (a lot of copy and past), is there other way to do that? If I ask support team, they will do what I did? Tks.

Some bigger web hosting companies have joined in the fun! Personally I’m on the most basic - shared host plan with SiteGround. The SSL cert install was ridiculously easy through their cPanel “Let’s Encrypt” interface. I would imagine most hosts would have a similar system setup?

Just caught this. Hope it helps:

And here’s a screenshot from cPanel (it’s really that easy):

—> More info on SiteGround’s Let’s Encrypt under this link!


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Hey Friends, it’s official! --> A2 Hosting supports Let’s Encrypt on shared hosting!

After much waiting, VPS support was extended to shared hosting as well. The cPanel function is disabled by default but all you need to do is get in touch with the support staff and they will enable it for you.

Easy peas. Here’s the screenshot.