How can i benefit from lets encrypt as a shared hosting provider?

My client is asking that he would like to use lets encrypt for his website, i assume he want to issue a free SSL certificate for his site, so how does lets encrypt benefit me as a shared hosting provider and how to use it ?..

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You can offer a great service to your customers and it won't cost you, besides the development effort (and time = money, I know), anything!

For starters, you might want to read the Integration Guide for hosting providers or large websites.

Secondly, ACME, the protocol used for issuing certificates, is a "client <-> server" kind of set up. On your server(s), you'll need to run an ACME client, which will communicate with the Let's Encrypt ACME server.

Which ACME client you'll require, depends on your specific set up. Perhaps you're offering cPanel to your customers: in that case it can be as simple as installing the Let's Encrypt plugin for cPanel, based on AutoSSL.

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following up on @Osiris excellent response below are a couple of example of providers offering paid services around LetsEncrypt certificates

There are also hosting providers who integrate LetsEncrypt installation as a chargeable service they offer.

Although LetsEncrypt certificates are free it doesn’t mean you can’t integrate services around them. A similar comparison would be service providers that use Nagios for monitoring and charge their customers per server. Nagios is free but the service provider build a service around it.


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You are absolutely allowed to charge for services related to Let's Encrypt certificates, but bear in mind that a significant number of providers in the shared hosting category have integrated it free of charge

as a control panel option or as a default service offering.

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