Website not secure


I’ve recently installed a ssl certificate onto my clients website and the domain name is stephanelustig

But it keeps coming up the website is not secure.

How long does it take for these certificates to validate that the the website is secure.

The website is built on Wordpress

Is the domain name ?

If so the certs look fine for that domain. See this SSL Checker test site

Please show the whole error you are seeing


I keep getting this when it comes to checking the website?

Any idea why this is showing?

HTTPS requests to your apex name are fine but notice the error is for your www subdomain.

HTTPS requests to that name are using one of the most unusual sets of certs I have ever seen. Again, see the SSL Checker site. You'll need to review your WordPress or other config to see why this is.

Note that the first cert is for a name and which expired almost 7 years ago! Do you know what stackssl is?

Also, since you are using a www subdomain the good cert you got from my post #2 needs to be replaced with a cert with both of your domain names (the apex and the www)


Looks like your hosting provider is CloudNext. This issue was also reported more than half a year ago at Expired SSL | Seems that poster managed to get it fixed by talking to the hosting provider.

Weird thing is: the hosting provider still hasn't removed the expired certificate.

Personally I would change hosting provider.


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