SSL on Wordpress site on Azure

I’m running WordPress on Azure as an Azure App. I’ve installed the Let’s Encrypt site extension and finished the configuration successfully. I’ve also added rewrite rules from http to https and to remove www. I configured Wordpress to use https for my site urls. But when I navigate to, I don’t get the Secure badge in Google Chrome. But when I go to /admin it suddenly does show that my site is secure.

Checking sslchecker ( shows that my site has a certificate and that everything should be ok.

What can I have done wrong that the certificate only applies to /admin and not to the root of my site (and other subpages). Is this a WordPress issue?

The issue didn’t have anything to do with Let’s Encrypt. I was still referencing images over HTTP which marked my site as insecure. Using the Developer Tools and inspecting which images where loaded over HTTP helped me fix the issue.

For people encountering this issue in the future, there is also a convenient tester at

that can diagnose this kind of problem.

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