Website no longer hosted just pointed elsewhere but chrome keeps using https://

i have found the answer so now just looking to delete this post

Hi @biobob,

Why?, this is a community, we learn something on every post so we will appreciate that you restore your original post and as you found the solution to your issue, please post the solution, it could help someone who is experiencing the same issue.

Thank you.


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it wasnt an ssl issue in the end so would it still be relevant?

Of course. someone could have the same issue, thinking it is an SSL problem but your solution could made think in another possibilities :wink:

I cannot remember exactly what I wrote now as I have cleared everything, chrome was constantly going to without me typing it and then causing the “unsafe site error” I thought it was because I deleted my wordpress site and just pointed my domain elsewhere now to an amazon hosted site.

The fix turned out to be
Go to chrome://net-internals and select “HSTS” from the drop down. Enter under Delete domain and press the Delete button.

this finally stopped chrome latching on to the old https:// settings


You can click on pencil icon (up right on your post)


And there click on << button to see the history of your post and you will see the previous post.

So previously you configured your web server to provide an Strict Transport Security header. Keep in mind that every user who visited your site when this header was used, will have the same issue. So don't know if your site is visited for a lot of users or is just a personal site. If it is a personal site there should be no problem but if it is acommercial site, etc. you could loose users because of this issue as your site will generate an ugly warning.

My advise would be to add again an STS header with this content:

Strict-Transport-Security "max-age=0;

So STS would be disabled on browsers visiting your site.

The problem is that this header must be served over https so you would need to issue a certificate, configure your site to use TLS... and I think you don't want to do that :stuck_out_tongue:

Anyway, thanks for sharing your work around.


The site was a test wordpress one that mostly used content tools and also experimenting with SSL etc but now i have moved the domain to a hosted prepopulated one and its no longer a wordpress so fingers crossed it is not still going to suffer anything

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