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Hi everyone,

So I am verrrry in using wordpress. I kinda just took over my school’s Theatre company website, since the parent that ran it before had his kid graduate. I’ve been messing around and learning how to up date it and everything has been pretty easy up to this point. So I just noticed that the site says Not Secure and has the “your connection to this site is not fully secure.”

We are using bluehost as the host and I saw that they included a free SSL certificate. I tried to track down the certificate on the bluehost site. There were a bunch of different entries under the SSL/TLS Status page. They say they expire in November but I ran the AutoSSL and it said they’re all good…I think.

I’m really out of my depth here…any advice on how to fix this would be extremely appreciated!

Thank you so much for all your help.

Hi @zackxoxo


not a certificate problem, that’s a mixed content problem.

Your site has http links (JavaScript, CSS, images, videos etc.).

Change these to https.

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