Site is not fully secure

My domain is:

When I access the site I still get the message “Your connection to this site is not fully secure” in the browser despite having a certificate installed.

I dont have access to the hosting and would need to do more investigation to answer these questions so please let me know if this is required and what questions I should ask.

My hosting provider, if applicable, is: Unlimited

I also used this service to diagnose any issues but it is all showing ok

Hi @lockitt

checking your domain there is one mixed content error -

the CSS file

is loaded via https. But that CSS has files, loaded via url("..."), these are http links.

And the problem: Browsers show the mixed content error - but not the file with the error.

Thank you so much @JuergenAuer. I uploaded the images again and it seems to have fixed the issue . You are a superstar!

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Yep, then the links are changed: http -> https.

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