Webinar for how to set up?


I just got a beta invite. However, about four hours later, I don’t understand enough to be able to set it up on my domain. A suggestion is a group webinar where we go through step by step. I could chip in maybe 10 dollars worth of Bitcoin to the tutor. Does it sound like a good idea? Anyone else struggling? Anyone else wanna help?

I’m using Windows 10 and have looked into Docker, https://github.com/Lone-Coder/letsencrypt-win-simple/releases, cygwin and everything but no success… :frowning:


well I have a raspberry pi (in your case a linux VM might help as well) and did manual mode. it means invoking the command from the mail with an extra
-a manual
and then having to place certain files on your webserver.

I think the issue is that I lack a fundamental understanding of how it works. I haven’t been in this area within development before. It would be so awesome to have a Skype / Facebook / Hangout session.

what’s your timezone?
I am UTC+1 and I might be able to help from 17:00 tomorrow, but honestly I never used the windows thing before so I probably look on that while I might try to help you if that’s not a problem.

I’m also UTC +1. My Skype name is axeleriksson13. If you have the time, would 20.30 work?