Let's Encypt Enters Public Beta

I didn’t see a thread regarding this, so I though it would be good to create one place people could discuss it.

Let’s Encrypt has just exited Closed Beta (according to their Status.io page). I’m now running the LE client for the first time (wish me luck :stuck_out_tongue:).

Very exciting to see this project progress at such a fast pace, looking forward to the coming months as we move towards a fully encrypted web!

Edit: Just in-case you can’t find them, here are Let’s Encrypts docs; https://letsencrypt.readthedocs.org/en/latest/



Just see in here



Woohoo!!! Super excited!

Now its on


Just refreshed the LE homepage as well, great to to see;

Let’s Encrypt is a new Certificate Authority:
It’s free, automated, and open.
In Public Beta

Congrats!!! I’ll implement this right now on a site I’m running on my Raspberry Pi.

Update: The site went up shortly after at https://www.haadaa.com/ – running on NGINX on a Raspberry Pi 2 and after tweaking the configuration a little got an A+ on SSL Labs https://www.ssllabs.com/ssltest/analyze.html?d=haadaa.com&hideResults=on Very, very exciting – a tiny computer being part of something gigantic. Congratulations again, ISRG!!!

woohoo ! congrats Letsencrypt

lets watch the stats page for their numbers https://letsencrypt.org/stats/ :slight_smile:

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Wasn’t even aware of this :stuck_out_tongue:. Thanks for the link!

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Just to let you know I’m pretty sure they do not update in real time.

Great! Thanks for all the hard work!

OK, so Let’s Encypt is open, when does Let’s Encrypt open? :3

Correct. The top of the page confirms this;

These statistics are updated periodically.

It just did about 10 mins ago.

yeah still interesting to check out regularly :slight_smile:

Psst. It was a joke. Read the post title carefully.

Seems to be working perfectly :smiley: At least the letsencrypt certonly --manual-part… B/c I’m running Gentoo and I’m missing some Debian-based a2rmmod and a2somethingmod, the Apache module-thingy doesn’t work… :triumph:

Way to go Let’s Encrypt… Depend on custom distribution scripts for a relative important part of your product :stuck_out_tongue: Perhaps I should open a separate topic for that rant :wink:

Ahh I see what you mean. Good catch.

Well, if you guys don’t know what clients to use I found this: List of Client Implementations

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Working fine for me in public beta with my Letsencrypt Nginx integration

previous le12.http2ssl.xyz SSL certificate expiry date


certificate expires in 71 days on 13 Feb 2016

certificate expires in 81 days on 23 Feb 2016

certificate expires in 82 days on 24 Feb 2016

re-run previously generated le12.http2ssl.xyz cronjob manually

bash /usr/local/nginx/conf/ssl/le12.http2ssl.xyz/letsencrypt-le12.http2ssl.xyz-cron

- Congratulations! Your certificate and chain have been saved at
   /etc/letsencrypt/live/le12.http2ssl.xyz/fullchain.pem. Your cert
   will expire on 2016-03-02. To obtain a new version of the
   certificate in the future, simply run Let's Encrypt again.
nginx: the configuration file /usr/local/nginx/conf/nginx.conf syntax is ok
nginx: configuration file /usr/local/nginx/conf/nginx.conf test is successful
Reloading nginx:                                           [  OK  ]

new expiry date for le12.http2ssl.xyz


certificate expires in 71 days on 13 Feb 2016

certificate expires in 81 days on 23 Feb 2016

certificate expires in 89 days on 2 Mar 2016

thank you Letsencrypt !