My Let's Encrypt Tutorial using


Hey guys. I like Let’s Encrypt a lot and I thought I should make a video for people who wanted to use but didn’t know how. I know, seems like a dumb thing. But here it is anyways.

PS: I didn’t specify I was SSH’d into a Linux server already. Sorry about that.

EDIT: Sorry if I am super abrupt and plain. I’m a sys admin by day, I don’t get excited much.

[Testing Request]


Haha, that made my day! Thank you.


@NurdTurd Thanks for the tutorial. At the end you are mentioning to password permission protect the private.key. I am generating my keys manually local on my OSX machine. Can you give me a hint how to best protect the account/private.key?


Is site currently broken? When I validate my CSR, Step 3: Sign API Requests removes (waiting…) message, but doesn’t give me anything to further input.
Thank you!