Is this 'let's encrypt" website reliable?

Hello guys,

I host my website to Hostgator and they don’t really help me with the let’s encrypt plugin so I found this website :
They just told me to generate a CSR but as Idk how to integrate it in Let’s encrypt, i searched for other options…

Is it trustable?

Thank you very much


Yes, the way works is pretty much the safest option if you’re looking for a web-based solution. You don’t expose your private key to the site at any point. You only provide a CSR, which does not contain any sensitive information (basically only your domain names and your public key - which, as the name indicates, can be made public).

One thing to know about this is that you will have to repeat the process every 90 days (which is true pretty much any time that your hosting provider doesn’t support Let’s Encrypt client software on their service).

thank you pfg :slight_smile:

maybe i will switch to a hosts that allows me to use Let’s Encrypt

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