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I’ve created my first website on a shared hosting plan and due to the sensitive nature of information going through the contact for I decided https would be a good idea. I used to create the bits I needed and it works perfectly!

Due to the 90 day expiry I’m looking for a way to quickly and relatively hassle free way of renewing my certificates. I think it’s complicated by the fact I’m not hosting my own website. I’m hoping there’s a command line way of doing it importing the files created already.

I’m from a medical background, not computers at all, so please be gentle with me!


How about letsencrypt-nosudo --file-based?


Thanks, sounds like what I’m after. Could you dumb it down a bit though?

I’ve cloned your stuff from github but I’m not sure my file names match up for a start. Could you have a look at and tell me what they should be called relative to you? I’ve not got a .csr file for example (I’m sure I must have it, just not with that extension as it wasn’t explicit).

Also, your documentation doesn’t mention renewing at all, and if there’s a web based challenge instead of running python on the server (which I can’t do).