VestaCP Error: Let's Encrypt new auth status 429

Hi! I have VestaCP (0.9.8-24) on UBUNTU 18.04 with web-server Nginx + PHP-FPM. Yesterday i get LE SSL certificate for my domain Today i want get SSL for my admin panel - VESTA CP. Hostanme of my admin panel: When i try get SSL - VestaCP answer: Error - Let’s Encrypt new auth status 429
Help me please, what i do wrong? Why cant get second SSL for my Vesta admin panel?
I will be grateful for any answer!

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429 means you went over the rate limits.

what were you doing before it started responding 429?

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Before Error 429 i many times try get a SSL certificate for domain and all attempts were unsuccessful (Err 15). After i reboot VPS-server and try again - SSL generate succesfull. And only after this i try get SSL for Vesta admin panel ( - hostname of admin panel).

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nvm, you issued 5 certificates in the last week. this is why you get a 429 answer.

you need to wait two days to get another one. do you have access to the certificates you issued? I guess you do, since the one you issued yesterday is currently installed and working:


Yes, latest certificate now active and working correct. 5 cerificates before - was not succesfull because of VestaCP mistake. Now i want get SSL only for my Vesta admin panel. Thanks for your answers and help. I’ll wait.

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I think this should help you:


today i tried again take ssl for hostname of my VPS (Vesta CP hostname) and get:

Error: Let’s Encrypt new auth status 429


i dont know, why i get this error :frowning:

UPD: as OVH.NET does not belong to me, i am not really authorized to request a certificate of authenticity for a VPS-server with this name. I should use my own domain for get SSL for VESTA control panel on my VPS.

you are ratelimited. you actually have some certificates issued that you are not using:

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