Valid certificate but Google has 'i', not fully secure?

I’m using certbot --apache for a several domains and when I original setup the first batch I would do them in groups using the 1,2,3 etc. for the “Which names would you like to activate HTTPS for?” Everything has been going well, but I have one that shows the lower case ‘i’ icon in Chrome, but that same domain-certificate is used for several and they look ok.

Then I tried to replace the certificate that was “not fully secure”, I wonder if I made bigger mess. I think I tried to a2dissite on both the -le-ssl.conf and the regular .conf, then rm’d the -le-ssl and redo the certifcate over with certbot --apache.

This is the domain with the ‘not fully secure’ message:

Here are some that are on or using the same original certificate, that look good in Chrome, they show the green padlock with the “Secure”.

What’s the best practice for ‘re-doing’ a certificate when I see something like the “not fully secure” message?

What’s the best practice for ‘fixing’ the exiting domain/cert that has that message, anything I can do without redoing it?


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Full tests

You have a http mixed content error.

Please try to fix it… So you’ll have a ‘secure’ padlock.

Thank you

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You guys are the best!!! I’d check both as the correct answer.

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