Valid certificate :: Browser says : site not valid

today I renewed the certificate of my domain.

Everything worked fine. The certificate is valid until 27.04.2021

But if I click on the lock icoon in the URL on Firefox it says: 'connection is not secure'.

My domain is:

I ran this command:

sudo certbot --apache

It produced this output:

Added an HTTP->HTTPS rewrite in addition to other RewriteRules; you may wish to check for overall consistency.

My web server is (include version):

Server version: Apache/2.4.46 (Ubuntu)

The operating system my web server runs on is (include version):

Ubuntu 16.04.7 LTS

greetings, Ingo

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Hi @bolshii

please click a second time and read the additional explantations.

"Parts of this website" doesn't mean "the certificate of this website".

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@JuergenAuer A whole different certificate is presented at the moment.

@bolshii I don't see a HTTP to HTTPS redirect for Also, the Apache returning your content says it is version 2.4.41. You claim it to be 2.4.46? Are you sure we're talking about the same webserver here?


Oh, that's really curious.

Checked the page - all is good - 27.1.2021, 08:15:57 - a new LE-certificate.

F5 refresh - browser warning.,

The screenshot says "Max Scharnewsky" -

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@bolshii Ingo, Are you sure the name returns the correct IP?

How did you renew the cert?

I also noticed that at some point, after last July, the "www" was dropped from the cert.
Even though the "www" still returns the same IP:


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~ bump ~

The certificate was obtained but is hasn't been served correctly by your Apache server.
See: SSL Server Test: (Powered by Qualys SSL Labs)

Please show the output of:
apachectl -S
curl -4

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