/usr/bin/certbot or /usr/local/bin/certbot?

I have two certbots installed on a Ubuntu 16.06 VPS, running nginx. They are:

/usr/bin/certbot --version
certbot 0.21.1

/usr/local/bin/certbot --version
certbot 0.14.2

Which one is correct, and how do I uninstall the other??

Much thanks.

the output from command
"which certbot"
should tell you

“which certbot” give me /usr/local/bin/certbot. but the version is older than /usr/bin/certbot. Any idea how to properly uninstall one or the other? I sadly don’t recall whether it was apt-get, or a github pull, etc., and I am afraid that uninstalling the wrong one will affect the correct one.

Hi @scooke!
Try command : " sudo apt-get up certbot " no quotes
Should work for you I think.


Is that update, or upgrade? On my Ubuntu 16.04 VPS " sudo apt-get up certbot " gives me E: Invalid operation up

sudo apt-get up certbot OR sudo apt-get update certbot will achieve the same results.

use update or up … up is alias or shorthand for update, so to speak.

/usr/local/bin/certbot is the result of installing Certbot from pip (pip install certbot).

/usr/bin/certbot comes from python-certbot from the Ubuntu Certbot PPA.

You probably want the latter.

You could try uninstalling certbot from pip and seeing if that helps.

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Running sudo apt-get update certbot gives me 'E: The update command takes no arguments'. So I just ran sudo apt-get update, then sudo apt-get upgrade certbot, and it did indeed upgrade /usr/bin/certbot, but I still have /usr/local/bin/certbot version 0.14.2 hanging around in /usr/local/bin/.

Thanks for hte reply. I strangely get an error ‘-bash: pip: command not found’. But I must have (had) it since it was used to install the /usr/local/bin version. Not sure what to do.

If the following query comes up empty, I would just delete the file and get on with your life:

dpkg -S /usr/local/bin/certbot

this is just not my day. This is what returns, 'dpkg-query: no path found matching pattern /usr/local/bin/certbot'. I suppose I could just sudo rm /usr/local/bin/certbot?

Your “rogue certbot” wont hurt anything for now… One of the forums experts might help you figure out which package management app installed the other certbot, although that’s a bit out of scope…

Can you give us some information about your configuration so we can help?
Operating System?
Web Server?
Virtual Hosts?

This info makes a huge difference in the way you would invoke certbot commands.


Ok, thank you for the help.

At the moment it is the rogue certbot which is the one used when I run sudo certbot --nginx -d domain.com. But it fails. But when I run sudo /usr/bin/certbot --nginx -d domain.com then it works fine. My question is how can I permanently change to the /usr/bin/certbot rather than /usr/local/bin/certbot? I think if I just rm /usr/local/bin/certbot then running sudo certbot --nginx -d domain.com wont run at all since it won’t find the currently reference certbot.

Whenever you’re worried deleting something might be bad, you should always make sure you have a backup. The mv command performs a great backup of first or last resort. :grinning:

The certbot file is just a tiny script that points to a larger set of libraries. But if you aren’t worried about the wasted disk that might leave than removing/moving the not-working certbot command should be totally fine.

Depends – if the rogue Certbot installed a ton of Python modules in /usr/local/lib, that could cause problems now or in the future.

If it’s a copy of certbot-auto, it installed everything in a separate location, so it may be a waste of disk space but it won’t cause any (other) harm.

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To be sure about that, we should see what Python installation these certbots use:

head -n2 /usr/{local/,}bin/certbot

I’m pretty sure if there was a sys.path conflict python-certbot 0.22 wouldn’t work due to python-acme 0.14 missing ACMEv2 classes though.

Running that gave me:

==> /usr/local/bin/certbot <==

EASY-INSTALL-ENTRY-SCRIPT: ‘certbot==0.14.2’,‘console_scripts’,‘certbot’

==> /usr/bin/certbot <==

EASY-INSTALL-ENTRY-SCRIPT: ‘certbot==0.22.2’,‘console_scripts’,‘certbot’

I just went ahead a ran mv and moved the certbot from /usr/local/bin to another folder, then ran certbot --version, and it gave me the newest version which is in /usr/bin/! This is what I was aiming for but was overcomplicating things I guess.

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These use different major versions of Python so the old one shouldn’t bother anything.

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