Using Let's Encrypt for Mail on Multiple VHOSTs

Hey Community.,

Apologies if this has been answered before - I have tried searching on the board + google without any luck.

I’m using WHM/CPanel to host multiple websites, using Let’s Encrypt for pretty much all our HTTPs requests - it’s fantastic.

By default, WHM assigns a mail.vhost.tld in the DNS for all Vhost’s mail.
In Cpanel, this is shown as the “insecure” option, with the secure option being through the hostname.

Is there a way you can encrypt mail.vhost.tld to have a valid SSL certificate using LE?
The first issue being able to provide that mail.vhost.tld is authorised to sign a certificate because of Let’s Encrypt .well-known check.

At the moment, when you connect via SMTP over SSL, the certificate that is being served is the hostname’s certificate - of course, this throws a warning as the domain is not the same.

Anyone figure out a way to get this automated with LE?

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