Generate Let Encrypt certificate on cPanel Email server

I have a query. I have a setup of email server and host server using cPanel. I have its name servers configured as following with domain - hosting server - hosting server - email server - email server

My question is when I host a domain on my hosting server and get its email on email server, can I generate let’s encrypt certificate from email server ?
Domain hosted on hosting server will have all above name servers in its dns records.
my host and email servers are vm’s from a dedicated server.

If this is possible then I can install cpanel’s version on email server.

Unless you get a wildcard cert, you won’t be able to validate the hosting servers’ certs from the email servers.
Even then you will need to “share” that cert to the other servers and automate it so that you don’t have to manually do anything every 60-90 days.

The simplest place to start is having each server get its’ own cert(s).
But one could argue that even a complicated setup, once fully automated, can be just as good.(or even better).
So it depends on you, what you are willing to do and endure (learning, if needed, etc.), what your obstacles are, and what your end goal is (or develops into along the way - sometimes plans change as we understand new possibilities).

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