Is there a way to get just the SSL certificate for an email server?

Hi there

Is it possible to get an SSL certificate for an email server (hMailServer on Windows)?

I need to get a cert for secure IMAP, SMTP and POP3.

Thanking you in advance.


Hi @SSL_Librarian

yes, it's possible.

Read the basics:

Then select a client:

Juergen has already pointed you to the docs. In general terms, Let’s Encrypt issues TLS server certificates. Most of the client implementations are focused on using those certs to secure web traffic, but Let’s Encrypt doesn’t care how you use them (within the bounds of their subscriber agreement). To get a cert, though, you’ll need to either have a web server already, be able to simulate a web server (e.g., certbot or in standalone mode), or have a suitable DNS provider and use DNS validation.

Hi Guys

Thanks for your replies! I will play around with this, and hopefully post back.

Thank you!


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