Using it on a specific server


I am trying to use this for a specific Moodle server. Is it possible to use let’s encrypt service on an example URL like

The instruction shows I can use it for the entire domain, But, the instruction does not show for a specific server. My server is part of a college and I cannot use the entire domain name. The network department arranges that.

Thank you,


Hi Ra,

Yes, you can issue a Let’s Encrypt certificate for any public DNS name that you control, including a subdomain, including in cases where you don’t control the base domain. This is a common use case and it should work fine.

Do you have a quick instruction or step?

Thank you.

Are you the server administrator? What kind of software does the server run?

Yes. I am. I have root access. This is my tryout to see how well it will works and learning how to do it. This server is running Centos 6.


Great! One likely option would be to try our Certbot software:

Thanks. I will give it a try.


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