Update to browser compatibility list


I don’t know were to report this, but the list of compatible browsers here says that BlackBerry v10 is not compatible, but as of version 10.3.3 is actually is. Is there somewhere I can report this, or is posting it here sufficient?


You can update the page on GitHub by forking the repo, editing the page and make a Pull Request.

But I’m guessing they’ll want an official or at least credible source… And I can’t find any?


I’d be pretty comfortable adding it to “Known Compatible” if @greenmr says it is - I don’t have reason to believe they’d tell a fib and we can always remove it again if someone shows up with evidence to the contrary. Alternatively we could add a Possibly Compatible heading for this before the Possibly Incompatible heading and update once there’s 1st party confirmation from a Blackberry source.


Thanks for your response. I will look for an announcement from BlackBerry, but I am 100% certain support was introduced with 10.3.3. I am the author of the free BlackBerry 10 multiCERT app which easily added Let’s Encrypt support to BlackBerry 10.3.0 to 10.3.2 (two clicks). I was in contact with BlackBerry dev support during development who assured me that native support would be added with 10.3.3, but they recommended I release my app for those who wouldn’t have access to the OS update for some time. Once the OS update was rolled out I personally confirmed that my app is redundant on 10.3.3 and higher.


I have been unable to find a 10.3.3 release alert which goes into any detail about what was added, but I will email my contact at BlackBerry to see if there are any official blurbs which cover LE support.


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