ISRG Root X1 Compatibilty

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Would it be possible to update the page where you describe the certificate compatibility with the OS & Browser versions ?
The page in question :

For example, the page indicates that LE certificates are compatible with Mozilla Firefox >= v2.0, but that will no longer be the case next september when the root ca certificate "DST Root CA X3" expires. If I understand correctly it will be compatible with Firefox >= v50.0 (first version to integrate ISRG Root CA X11 in its truststore by default).
Same goes for Android, as you describe on this page :

It would be great to be able to tell which OS / Brower version will stay compatible next september.
This post relates to Compatibility list for ISRG Root X1?.



I think that page requires a table with both roots next to each other. Because you can always choose the cross-signed intermediate, even after the switch-over. At least until the DST root expires.


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